Srjna Mega Internship

Key Responsibilities 

  • Selling our B2C offerings of award-winning Assessment Platform and Tinkering Kits to prospective clients in your region.
  • Marketing srjna products via online or offline channels in local communities.
  • Coordinating with centralized team to achieve monthly targets.
  • Collaborate with fellow interns and regional SRJNA representatives to learn best practices and implement.
  • Effective communication and networking skills (Any language)
  • Must possess that spark to sell things
  • Anyone with abovementioned skills

With every sale you will be incentivized financially. And on every bunch of sales, you will be rewarded with Mega Rewards. On successful completion, you will be provided association internship certificate and certificate of excellence based on your performance. You will be joining the network of SRJNA ALUMNI Network and some really talented folks will be given opportunity to join our core Business Development Team

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